Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent As A Buyer? No, But This is Why You Should Get One.

Why do you need a real estate agent? This comprehensive guide outlines the invaluable services, guidance, and support real estate agents offer home buyers. From educating on the complexities of the process to post-offer services, agents play a crucial role at every step.

Can you buy a house without an agent? Yes, but buying a house is a momentous (and often chaotic) event, and a good real estate agent can make that process pain-free. They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they know the ins and outs of the process. A real estate agent is the force on your side (aka your bestie during the ordeal) who’s there to answer any questions you have, keep everyone on timeline to keep things moving, and make sure you are protected throughout one of your biggest purchases in life.

Even better, they are usually free to the buyer. Sellers typically shoulder the cost of commissions so buyers are able to protect themselves and make the process easier at no significant cost. This article delves into the reasons why you should get a real estate agent as a buyer.

Your Real Estate Agent is Your Advocate

An agent’s primary goal is to protect and champion the buyer’s interests. They bring their industry know-how and negotiation skills to the table, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Education and Explanation

A real estate agent’s role extends beyond being a property matchmaker. They are educators who explain intricate concepts like earnest money deposits, escrow, and the repercussions of default. They will also guide you through the legalities of the purchase agreement, related addenda, and other transactional documents. In essence, they provide a roadmap of the process, sequence, contracts, mortgages, pre-approvals, and closings, always ready to answer your queries.

Man (presumably a Real Estate Agent) holding a book titled "Expert Secrets"
Can confirm real estate agents hold a book on real estate expert secrets.
Services Prior to Making an Offer

Before you make an offer on a property, a real estate agent can:

  • Curate listings tailored to your needs
  • Arrange home showings
  • Generate comparable data for informed pricing
  • Prepare and present offers to the seller or seller’s representative
  • Explain and negotiate counter-offers until the contract is ratified

However, their work doesn’t end once an offer is made. Contrary to popular belief, this is just where it begins.

Services After Accepting an Offer

Once a purchase offer is accepted, a real estate agent continues to offer numerous services such as:

  • Scheduling home inspections, radon tests, termite inspections, and more
  • Arranging option selections for new constructions
  • Providing the buyer’s lender and title company with the purchase agreement contract
  • Ordering appraisals
  • Reviewing homeowners association or condo owners association documents
  • Updating about title or survey issues
  • Ensuring the loan process is ongoing and assisting buyers with any missing information
  • Negotiating and resolving issues that could delay closing or void the contract
  • Scheduling contractors to address any repair issues from inspections
  • Coordinating with the builder’s rep for estimated closing date on new home construction
  • Arranging walk-through inspections and resolving any subsequent issues
  • Reviewing “rent-back” agreements, if necessary
  • Confirming with the title company that the buyer’s loan documents and seller documents are ready for signing
  • Being present at the closing and attending the signing

In essence, a real estate agent walks with you every step of the way, from the moment you start dreaming about your new home until the moment you hold its keys in your hand. Their expertise, dedication, and continuous support are invaluable for a smooth and successful home buying experience. So yes, definitely get one.

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